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Google Apps - Play, Music, TV

Google Apps and PS4

If you’re holding you breath to ever see Google Apps on the PS4, I hope your in a padded room, because your going to pass out. Sony has its own line of apps that it provides to its users, and Google is not one of them. So if your a big Google fan, and would like to see some of their great services offered on the PS4, I would suggest sharing your thoughts on Sony’s official PS4 blog to have your opinions heard.

Music and Video Apps

Even though we wont be seeing Google Apps on the PS4, the console itself comes with apps that make up for it. For instance, instead of Google music the console has brought back VidZone, which debuted on the PS3 back in 2009. This app allows players to stream their favorite music video’s from right inside the app, which has been optimized for use on the PS4.
The other option users have is the Music and Video Unlimited apps, which are both exclusively offered on the PS Network. The Music Unlimited app provides users with over 22 millions songs to choose from, which they can stream simultaneously while playing their favorite game. The Video Unlimited app affords its users the luxury of accessing over 200,000 popular movies and television episodes, that have been optimized for the PS4 to ensure quick navigation and faster start times. Also, any new purchases are kept in cloud storage to minimize unwanted clutter on the hard drive.

Web Browser and Google Search

The PS4 comes loaded with its own web browser that you can use to search the web, check your Facebook, and stay up to date with Sony news and blogs. While the browser is not Chrome, it is in fact built with the WebKit rendering engine, which is open source and is used by the Safari web browser as well. The one ideal perk of this browser, however, is that its search function utilizes Google Search (as opposed to Bing, which the Xbox One uses). So you can expect to actually find what you are looking for online with the most powerful Search engine online. Unfortunately, you are not able to sign into your Google account through this browser.

TV Apps

If your a big fan of watching television on the PS4, then there are several apps that can do that for you. The most obvious choice would be Netflix, which is a service offered for free over the PS Network, just as long as you have a Netflix account. Another option is to load up VUDU, which has one of the largest selections of TV Shows and high definition movies.

PS4 related Apps on Google Play

So you can see that there are many great alternatives to Google apps that are already offered on the PS4, but if you are also an Android device owner, then you can head over to the Google Play store and download some PS4 related apps. The best choice would obviously be to download the official PlayStation App, created by Sony entertainment. With this app you will be able to stay connected to your PlayStation profile and friends, so that you can see what your friends are playing, view your own profile, and take a look at what trophies you’ve achieved through game play.

So while there may not be any of the official Google apps offered on the PS4, you are not left high and dry. Sony has ensured that you have access to all the great content your looking to enjoy, through the wonderful apps they offer with the console.

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