How to Use Pandora and Spotify On PS4

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How to Use Pandora and Spotify On PS4Pandora is an online music streaming service. It lets you listen to music with a web browser anywhere you are as long as there is an active Internet connection. You can use Pandora with a PlayStation 4 if you do not have a personal computer. This is possible because the PS4 has a (almost) fully functioning web browser. Thus, you can log on to Pandora using PlayStation in a way you normally do with any other web browser.

When looking forward to any substitute to MU when it comes to playing or streaming music, you can use Pandora and Spotify on PS4. Both Pandora and Spotify can be better than MU. In fact, when looking for New Love by Jody Watley included in its House/Electronica playlist, streaming to a phone or PS4 would also result in crashes after a couple of songs. Using Pandora or Spotify can solve the problem. This happens because of shortage of bandwidth. The problem might come even if you have an Internet service with a 100 Mbit downstream. Moreover, it takes a long while to reload MU if you want to play a song that is not on the playlist of your PS4. There are a lot of missing songs, which are already available on other services. When it comes to the music search engine, it also does not have any good. You may always have to download songs offline and save them using phone space since the mobile app for MU also has terrible streaming issues. You can try Pandora and Spotify to come up with the right solution.

Sony wants to promote their own service, but it is so disappointing to use their in-game streaming service, because it is the worst. It is better to use any other service than settle for this. Many users recommend that it would be much better if Sony discontinue MU and start over on a new streaming service. Most users prefer to play music from an external source while they can play if they would not conduct a major overhaul for their in-game music streaming service.

Meanwhile, most expert users consider Spotify as the best service for music. They have been using it with premium for quite a while now. You can include the music collection of Spotify on your iPhone. It can synchronize the tracks on your computer through a wireless app so you do not even need to plug it in every time you add new songs. Spotify is always updated with new songs.

Lastly, you can also use a PS4 to listen to radio stations on the Internet by using its web browser. Unfortunately, there are Internet radio stations not suitable for the PS4 web browser. To stream Internet radio stations from a computer and into a PS4, instead use media server software. An example is the Jamcas media server that streams Internet Radio right from Spotify and into your PS4.

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