PLEX Media Server

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PLEX Media ServerIf you have not already heard about Plex Media server, come on out from under your rock and check it out. In short, Plex is software that organizes all of your personal media so that you can access and stream it from multiple devices. This includes your computer, your internet connected televisions, consoles, phones and tablets.

Now what does this have to do with the PS4?

While there is not an official app on the PS4 for the Plex media server yet (with some hope that the DLNA video streaming will be offered in the next firmware update), there is a way you can access your media which is sorted on that server from your PS4. This article will outline what you need to do to start streaming your media from Plex onto your PS4.

How to install Plex for PS4

1. Download the Plex Server

If you haven’t already, you will need to hop on your computer and download Plex so that you can have your personal media organized on to it, and become accessible by other devices. You can download the server from here. Once you have downloaded the media server, you will need to enter the settings and connect your media folders on your PC to the Plex Media Server, so that you can stream it from other devices.

2. Enter your MyPlex from PS4 browser

Once you have your Plex all set up, you will need to go onto your PS4 browser, and direct it to your media server (, and Bob’s your uncle. You should have no problem streaming your media from the Plex server right to your PS4 as if it were another device. Note that this is not an official method of gaining access to your Plex Media server via PS4, so there is no guarantee that it will work. Most people have had success via this method, but if it doesn’t wok there might be one other way to achieve results.

Alternative Method for Installing Plex

If the above method did not work for you, you may have better luck via this method. Follow the first step of installing the PMS on your computer, map your media to the server, and then on the PS4 browser navigate to your PMS server. It should look something like this: http://{ip}:32400/manage
This should direct you to the PMS Dash, where you will be able to access all of your personal media from the PS4.

Plex is just an alternative for organizing the data, maybe if we are able to emulate PS4 on PC in the future, accessing and streaming would be much easier. For more articles about PS4, navigate to homepage.

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